Wonderday is a private platform, designed to create a better way to connect the world’s most ambitious and innovative companies with the world’s most creative
marketing directors
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The best candidates from around the world

Even those not officially looking. All diverse in background, experience, and point-of-view. All carefully curated, specifically for each role, by Holly Day. The best people and the best career opportunities. Ones you won’t find out about anywhere else.

How does it work in practice?

Opportunities are securely posted to the platform. Matched candidates are then automatically notified and their appetite gauged. All the candidates interested in a ‘further conversation’ are then filtered back to the client, along with the relevant information - CVs, portfolios, salary requirements, contact details and all that jazz.

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Wonderday is free and confidential to the candidates I invite so keeps the quality of the candidate pool high.

It attracts the best clients because it has a whole new fee model.

No more commission.

Let me say that again… no... more... commission. Just a flat rate or annual subscription, whichever suits your needs best. Whats more, you can take as much or as little control over the process as you like. Run it all. Or, take a light touch and let me do my thing. It’s your call, we’ve designed it to work well both ways.

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Why Wonderday?
For companies it’s a better way to connect with the world’s most creative thinkers. For candidates it’s a better way to connect to the world’s most ambitious companies.
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What makes it better?
Curated candidates. Curated opportunities. Together, on one private platform. All having passed the experienced, expert, and testing eye of me - Holly Day. When clients submit a project they’ll only get back what’s right for them based on simple matching software.
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About Holly

It’s me Holly Day, but not as you know me. The world of work changed, so I’ve changed how I work.

30 years of working with the world’s most ambitious and influential companies.

The decades of experience I have connecting with the most talented and diverse thinkers out there. And my expertise in knowing how to fit these two parts together so they fire most effectively.

I’ve taken all this know-how and used technology to remodel and infuse it into a better product. Better for clients, candidates, and better for me. The technology isn’t here to replace me, it’s here to deploy me when I can help most.

It’s simple
It’s seamless
It’s the same (but better)
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