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A creative development fund
for new advertising creatives of colour.
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What’s on offer?

Successful applicants not only get a full scholarship to the Watford Advertising Course, but career-long mentorship and paid work placements too.

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What is an advertising creative?

To put it simply, advertising creatives are the people who come up with the ideas behind the big brand campaigns that you see everyday. From what the TV advert should be about, to how the campaign should look on Instagram, they're involved every step of the way as creatives problem solvers for brands.

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Who’s involved?

Wonderday: with their 30+ years experience in advertising recruitment and helping people build their careers.

Fatmelon Studios: a black-owned storytelling company working across TV, Film and Advertising, along with our work placement partners who offer paid work after the course.

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No experience? No degree? No problem!

If you’re a creative problem solver and a person of colour, this fund could be for you! See the application questions below and submit your entry to, along with your full name and phone number. And remember, there is no right or wrong, only different.

Best of luck!

Application Deadline 9am August 25th 2021.

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Application Questions

Pick 4 of the questions below. Give yourself an hour per question to write as many ideas as you can. These can even be as bullet points. When you’ve done this, pick one of the best ideas and spend 30mins turning it into a video / poster / etc as stated in the question. Please note, this is a test of your ideas, not your design, artistry or craft skills. This isn’t really about coming up with one good idea, it’s about training to come up with lots of ideas in a short time frame. Don’t worry about how good they are, you’ll learn to make them good on the course. And by the end of the course you’ll have good ideas and lots of them.

1. Make spiders the next must have pet. What is so good about spiders that makes them ideal pets?
Deliverables: Create 3 posters. Each poster should deliver a benefit and a reason to buy a spider. In addition, write 100-150 words explaining the idea.

2. Pick someone you think should be Prime Minister of the UK.
Deliverables: Create three posters telling people why they should vote for your chosen person. In addition, write 100-150 words explaining the idea.

3. Create a toy and write an advert for it. Think carefully about your audience. What age group is your toy aimed at?
Deliverables: write a short paragraph on each of the following: the idea, what’s special about this toy, why the audience would love it. Show an example of how you would create this advert e.g. poster, on social media, a TV advert script outlining what happens, an event to grab people's attention or digitally.

4. Convince people why they need a third nostril.
Deliverables: In whatever way you think is best! This could be a series of headlines, a monologue, a film synopsis.

5. Design your own brand of Christmas cards. Think of the message. Think about how Christmas cards can be used in a good way. For example, cards which get neighbours checking in on the elderly and lonely over Christmas.Deliverables: Design 3 cards, showing the covers and the messages within. In addition, write 100-150 words explaining the idea.

6. Write a daft song about Austria and film yourself performing it.

All applications from ethnic minorities are welcome. i.e. from a Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Native American, Hawaiian, Hispanic/Latinx or Mixed-Race background. You must be 18+. Preference will be given to applicants who need this assistance the most. As such, you may be asked to provide details of your means, such as address and if you had free school meals to determine the level of financial support you need.